Exports sales make up over 90-95% of our core business and as such we are well versed in the processes involved in the shipping of vehicles and equipment round the world.

It is necessary for most exports to require an Export Licence as issued by BIS (Department for Business, Innovation & Skills).

In particular it is necessary for customers purchasing ex. military vehicles to apply for an export licence being specific to the items being exported if the items are being exported from the U.K.

Introduction to Licensing - Video Release from BIS

The video below has been produced by BIS to aid customer's in understanding how important it is to have the correct export licence (where applicable) for Surplus Military Vehicles and Equipment.

EXPORT LICENCE....   What to do? (Don't worry it's not that difficult)

Goods listed on our website as "NLR - No Licence Required are either civilian machines or have been deemed by BIS as not requiring a licence by virtue of having submitted a rating application.

Any surplus military vehicle which is considered to be "Specially Designed for Military Use" must be shipped on either an "Open General Export Licence (OGEL)" or a "Standard Individual Export Licence (SIEL)" depending on which country they are being sent to.

To download the latest copy of the OGEL

Click Here

All other countries listed in Schedule 2 will require a Full SIEL export licence for which the application forms (depending on whether you are an End User or Stockist) can be found following the link below:

Download End User Document | Download Stockist Document

Firstly when applying for an export licence, customers need to complete what is called an End User Agreement, a copy of which can be downloaded using the link above and which incorporates a checklist to aid in it's completion.

Once that has been completed simply submit it back to our office if we are applying for the licence on your behalf or submit it to BIS if you are applying independently for the licence.

The sequence of events is as follows:

1: Enquiry is received in regards to Ex. Military Vehicles and quote given
2: Customer satisfied with quote and confirms intention to place order
3: Customer advised that Export Licence required and recommendation made to submit an application which is a cost and commitment free exercise i.e. it costs nothing to submit an application and an application does not mean an obligation to purchase from us.
4: Customer completes End User letter and submits to our office who in turn submit with licence application to BIS.
5: Customer places order
6: Order complete for shipping at same time as Export License issued.

Export licence applications generally take between 3-6 weeks to be processed and approved.


Some countries are under an EU embargo and as such will not be granted an export licence unless it can be proven that the vehicles are for Humanitarian Aid Support e.g. UN Aid Work.

For more information on EU Embargoed Countries.....
Go To The BIS Website


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